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Chaarge is a leading specialist EV Charging facility solutions provider.  We provide our customers with everything they need to set up and manage a Chargepoint facility at their location; whether that be a sports club, apartment block, workplace, university or school.  Chaarge provides everything the customer needs to put this service in place; consultancy and advice, charge-point selection, procurement and supply, power supply from the DNO, charge-point installation and commissioning, Driver billing and ongoing admin and support.  

Chaarge was established in 2022 by Founders David Booker and Alistair Clarke, both ex-CEOs with many years corporate experience in delivering and implementing IT/Telecom Projects, EV technology and general business management.  David’s prior role to Chaarge was CEO of Veropath, a Telco Billing analytics provider which was sold in 2019 to US Private Equity.  Alistair was CEO of eConnect Cars, a pioneering business in the electric vehicle mobility sector.   eConnect Cars was the first and only 100% electric private hire fleet in London and provided over three years of unique EV  insights and experience.  He then set up EV Technology, an EV Consultancy and EV Fleet Management business which was ultimately acquired in 2022 by Breathe Cars, a subscription based provider of EVs to Uber drivers under the London Clean Air Fund programme. 

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