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Chaarge installed and operate 4 Easee charge points at an office in Oxford. These charge points are supplied by 2 x 32 amp 3phase cables allowing each charger to charge at up to 22 kW AC if one car is plugged in per supply cable or load managed to 11 kW AC if both bays are being used (this is vehicle dependant and most cars are limited on AC to 11kW).


Drivers access these charge points via a QR Code which takes them straight to a credit card page from where they are billed by Stripe. Electricity costs are reimbursed to the site owner.   

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Woodchester Reception.jpg

Chaarge were contracted by Woodchester Retirement Village in Gloucester to implement 21 Easee chargepoints to provide the facility to all the village and it’s 70 residences. Whilst all 21 charge points were installed and provisioned, to minimise initial expenditure, only 6 were actually commissioned with live chargers (the other 15 have dummy covers fitted. Once there is a need for more, the additional 'charge berries' can be slotted/clicked into place immediately. 19 of these charge points are 7kW units and 2 are 22kW units for the village mini-bus or visitors requiring a faster charge.  These chargers were mounted on eco-friendly wooden posts to maintain the environmentally aesthetic of the village as a whole. 

Enter C.Card details.jpg

Drivers access these charge points either via the Chaarge RFID Tag (shown here) or via a QR Code.  The RFID identifies the user to the Chaarge backend software enabling monthly billing or integration with other payment platforms.  The QR Code  takes them straight to a credit card page (as shown here) from where they are billed by Stripe. The driver start/stops the charging and a Transaction Summary is sent if requested.  Electricity costs are reimbursed monthly to the site owner.

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