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The delivery of the Chaarge proposition can be broken down into the following sections

Business Meeting


Install the charging facilities that fit your needs by answering key questions:

  • What kind of facility is the charging facility for: an Apartment Block, a Workplace, a Residential Village, a ‘Destination’ such as a Golf Club or Community Centre club, a University, College or School? 

  • Who will be using the charge points and why; Residents, Staff, Visitors, the Public or all of those?

  • How much should I budget and can I get finance?

  • Can I get an OZEV Grant to subsidise the up-front capital cost and how much?

  • How many and what power charge points can and should be installed now and in the future?

  • Will the drivers be paying to charge their vehicle and how?  By App, QR Code or RFID's

  • What impact will the expected use of the charge points have on your electricity supply and demand?


Project planning, costing and fulfilment

  • Power Schema Planning and Design

  • Support in obtaining a new power supply for single and 3-Phase chargers

  • Chargepoint selection and type including infrastructure

  • Desktop and site surveys to evaluate scope of  ‘Works’ and  minimise unplanned events / costs

  • EV Charging facility Signage and for customer operations 

  • Quality, professionally certified installation to ensure compliance and maximum facility uptime once in use.

  • Regulatory and best practice compliance 

Electricity Repair Work
Working with Laptop


Set-up and communication is key to a successful delivery

  • ​​Software set-up, user roles and documentation

  • Operating parameters to be agreed (e.g. who can use the charge points and when).

  • Pricing models for different user classes

  • User acceptance testing

  • Issue of access cards (RFIDs) 

  • Ongoing billing and operational support

  • Training as required.


Chaarge also manage the charge point facility on your behalf

  • Provide the backend OCPP 1.6. software system to operate and manage your facility covering:

    • All User and Pricing parameters supported

    • Transactional and Monthly Billing

    • Reporting and Portal access

    • Ongoing Support

  • Supply/Manage RFIDs

  • QR Code supply for credit card billing via Stripe

  • Quality, certified installation to ensure maximum facility uptime once in use

  • Provide Annual Maintenance and undertake warranty repairs / replacement if required.

Image by Ernest Ojeh
Total Charging Solution: Services


Budget cost estimate is based on the supply install and managed service provision for an EV charge point (up to 22 kW AC). These costs have been aggregated and then amortised over a 5 year period.


This cost estimate is for budgetary purposes only. Actual upfront and annual costs can be provided once the site survey and design process has been complete. This costs £500-750 but is fully refundable should the proposal proceed to order. 

Total Charging Solution: Text
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